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About Reeanzmusic

Reeanz music has the passion and experience required to make any event a roaring success. Bollywood events, parties, and award shows have always been of keen interest among the audiences. People eagerly wait for these events and always talk about how exciting it was and how well it has been organized.Reeanz music is an event organizer working at the forefront of the independent music industry, specializing in booking talents and managing world-class events and festivals across the UK and Europe.Managing artist, booking, event management, and festival management company all rolled into one. Reeanz music has earned a global reputation as the premier independent music organizer company with a track record working with local and international clients. We bring unparalleled service and expertise to the table because we manage some of the country’s most prominent artists and have worked on some of the most prestigious festivals and events.

Event Management

From initiation to completion, we handle every event perspective, including event programming, artist logistics, stage management, show calling, production supervision, and design. Our crew of industry veterans has worked with countless event organizers and event companies worldwide and has constantly focused on delivering efficient solutions of the highest international standards for all requirements.

Artist Management

Reeanz music has managed several artists who are among the top aspiring musicians. Our expertise is in identifying talent and assisting in the upliftment of a brand to empower them forward. We approach management and bookings holistically, providing our artists with industry know-how and assisting them in establishing a career in the music industry. Our approach focuses on their overall artistic growth and nurturing their creative vision.


We work with various artists, from the industry’s top stars to talented, up-and-coming acts from all genres. We curate line-ups for artists to heighten their music and reach the right audiences through our partnerships with prominent promoters, festivals, venues, and corporates across the nation.

With years of expertise, we have an in-depth and unparalleled knowledge of the World music landscape, which allows us to form the right alliances with artists and events.


Our touring division has organized tours for international artists, assisting them in entering new markets and reaching an untapped audience. We develop artists and their times in the UK and Europe. We have a robust support system to handle programming, promotions, logistics, and professional technical assistance throughout the tour.